Lucio Campora

DVM (Joaquin V. Gonzales Award)


Lucio was born in Ferré, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina and grew up in an environment surrounded by animals. In 2018 he completed his undergraduate degree in Veterinary Science in Universidad Nacional de La Plata. After that he returned to his home town where he worked as manager in animal production in a local business for one year. But his passion for cattle and eagerness to learn more about cows and different systems around the world leaded him to search for new horizons. Therefore, motivated for a previous trip to New Zealand (where he worked in a dairy farm during summer 2017) he started his ‘training journey’ in Germany where he worked during 2020 in a dairy farm located in Bayern regin. Then he moved to Denmark in 2021 and Australia in 2022 also working in dairy farm. Whereas he was increasing his knowledge and experience he kept searching for an opportunity to start his postgraduate studies which became true and he was accepted in University of Guelph to start in fall 2022.

@veterinario.en.el.extranjero  (INSTAGRAM)

Research Interests

Lucio’s project will evaluate the impact of endometritis in reproductive performance and the successfully use of automated activity-based breeding alone without the use of reproductive hormones.