Kat Sutherland

BScH, MSc, PhD


Kat completed both her undergraduate degree in Animal Biology and her MSc at the University of Guelph. Her MSc research with Dr. Kate Shoveller focused on the development of commercial dog food feeding guidelines and pet owner feeding practices that may contribute to obesity in companion dogs. She subsequently completed her PhD in the Department of Population Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Jason Coe. Kat's research explored pet weight-related communication between veterinary professionals and clients in small animal veterinary practice, with emphasis on communication around pet obesity and identifying opportunities to optimize these conversations through understanding the veterinary and client perspective.


Sessional Instructor:

UNIV*1200 - Bambi and You: Exploring the Human-Animal Connection (W21, F21)

Teaching Assistant:

ANSC*1210 - Principles of Animal Care and Welfare (W18, W19, W20, W21)

ANSC*4560 - Pet Nutrition (F19, F20)

EQN*4020 - Advanced Equine Nutrition (W21)