Jamie Snook


Jamie Snook was born, raised, and still lives in Labrador. As the Executive Director for the Torngat Secretariat he is often immersed in inter-governmental and research discussions about Snow Crab, Greenland Halibut, Shrimp, Seals, Polar Bears and Caribou to name some of the highlights. In 2013, Jamie ran for the Office of Mayor in Happy Valley - Goose Bay. There was a 60% voter turnout and Jamie was successful with 69% of the vote. Jamie has an interest in the success of Labrador as a whole, and happy to be Mayor of the region's hub. He also respects the area's diversity, and is quick to point out the multi-culturalism that exists in the Province’s largest Indigenous populated town. Jamie holds a Business degree, a professional designation from the Canadian Institute of Management, as well as a Masters in Ethno-Political Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University. Jamie is well travelled having visited all of Labrador, the Canadian provinces and territories, and many international locations such as Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United States, Thailand, Russia, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, Greenland, England, Switzerland, Holland, France, Morrocco, and Germany.

Research Interests

I am interested in Indigenous co-management, environmental stewardship, sustainable utilization, traditional knowledge, wildlife management, public policy analysis, communications, community wellness, community engagement, and leadership. My PhD research focuses on the co-management of wildlife, plants, and fisheries in the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area.




2016 - Students on Ice Alumni [http://studentsonice.com/]

Professional Experience & Honours

Executive Director, Torngat Wildlife, Plants and Fisheries Secretariat 
January 19, 2009 – Present
The Torngat Secretariat serves the Torngat Joint Fisheries Board and the Torngat Wildlife and Plants Co-Management Board; both are Institutions of Public Government legislated through the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. Responsibilities include general management, project management, implementing two scientific research programs, public policy briefings, issue analysis, government affairs and recommendations. (www.torngatsecretariat.ca)

Professional Honours
2013 - Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 
2010 - Executive of the Year in Happy Valley - Goose Bay 
2008 - Volunteer of the Year in Happy Valley - Goose Bay 
2008 - Alumni Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference