Jamie Imada

BSc., D.V.M.


Jamie is a PhD candidate under the guidance of Dr. Dave Kelton. The focus of his thesis project is the ongoing management of Johne’s disease, including an assessment of the Johne’s Management Program within Ontario. His interest in large animals, particularly dairy cattle, came during his undergraduate studies while working in the animal nutrition lab at the University of Guelph under Dr. John Cant. Throughout his undergraduate and veterinary studies, he was involved in numerous research projects ranging from nutritional modelling to calf health studies. He completed his Honors BSc in 2009 and his DVM degree at the Ontario Veterinary College in 2013.

After 4 years in small animal general practice he has come back to the Ontario Veterinary College Population Medicine department to pursue his interest in ruminant health.  He remains passionate about helping all animals big and small. He plans to channel that passion into better understanding Johnes disease, its management, and how it affects all stakeholders. With interests in ecosystem health, one health, and zoonotic disease he hopes that his PhD can help him make meaningful contributions to these areas of research in the future.