Hannah Woodhouse


Hannah is a 2020 University of Guelph Biomedical Sciences, minor Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences graduate with honours.  It was during her summer research assistantship in 2018 as an undergraduate President’s Scholar that she was first introduced to the Population Medicine department.  After 2 summers working in the department, Hannah decided to continue her education at Guelph as a graduate student in POPM with Dr. David Kelton where she is studying free fatty acids in milk.  During her Ph.D., she has received the OVC Ph.D. and OMAFRA Highly Qualified Personnel scholarships.

Hannah comes from a dairy farm in Grey County and has a passion for the agricultural industry and its food products. She is a member of Gay Lea foods co-operative, the National Mastitis Council, agricultural societies, her local Holstein club, and continues to volunteer in 4-H.  In addition to Dairy, Hannah has a passion for distance running and has competed for Canada internationally as a National team member and varsity University of Guelph Track and Cross-Country athlete.  Hannah aspires to pursue a career in Agriculture and looks forward to continuing her PhD journey in Pop Med!


More about current research: https://bcmilk.com/wp-content/uploads/Elevated-Free-Fatty-Acids-in-Bulk-Tank-Milk-Information-Sheet-vers.-Dec-8-2020.pdf


POPM3240 (Winter 2022)

POPM6200 (Fall 2021)