David Obande


David is an MSc candidate (Epidemiology) in the Department of Population Medicine. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Jos, Nigeria. He also holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health from Ryerson University, Toronto. David's undergraduate research focused on evaluating safe food refrigeration knowledge, attitudes, and practices among university students. Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos is supervising his current research. He will be assessing food safety knowledge and practices among primary food preparers for high-risk populations (young children) in Canadian households using data from the Public Health Agency of Canada. He has research/teaching experience and interest in food safety, Epidemiology, high-risk population, pharmacoepidemiology, vector-borne diseases, Systematic Reviews, and Meta-analysis. 



Obande, D. and Young, I. (2020), "Safe food refrigeration knowledge, attitude, and practices of university students," British Food Journal, 122(4): 1085-1098.  


Data Management - POH 103 (Undergraduate F20)

Health Administration - ENH 821 (Undergraduate W21)