Catherine Belanger

DVM, BSc (Hons)


Catherine is an MSc. student in the Department of Population Medicine (Epidemiology) under the supervision of Dr. Katie Clow and Dr. Scott Weese. She is also pursing a Collaborative Specialization in One Health. After completing her BSc in Toxicology (2014) from the University of Guelph, Catherine attended the Ontario Veterinary College where she streamed mixed animal practice and graduated in 2019. After graduation Catherine worked in a small animal emergency practice and has also worked for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Interests include veterinary epidemiology and public health, zoonotic diseases, disease surveillance and outbreak response, and One Health.

Research Interests

Catherine’s MSc project is investigating the disease risks to animal and human health, associated with importing dogs into Canada. The importation of dogs into Canada is a growing practice with limited regulations in place. Using a One Health approach this project will contribute further understanding of the current landscape of canine importation in Canada.