Carolyn Murray



Carolyn did her undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology at Nipissing University in North Bay ON. Her undergraduate research focused on developing novel methods to prevent and control outbreaks of Avian Influenza among rural and periurban backyard chicken flocks. Her masters research is being supervised by Dr. Michelle Guerin and she will be identifying temporal patterns of Salmonella serovars amongst poultry breeder flocks and hatcheries in Ontario between 2009 and 2018. Her research interests are zoonotic infections, food safety, and policy reform.

Research Interests

Salmonellosis is a global public health issue that is a major challenge for the poultry industry. Contaminated poultry meat and eggs have been identified as significant sources of Salmonella for human infections. Our research project will analyze surveillance data of the OMAFRA-supervised Ontario Hatchery and Supply Flock Policy (OHSFP), which provides monitoring and testing of Ontario poultry breeding flocks for Salmonella. The primary goal of the project is to describe long-term trends and seasonal patterns in Salmonella isolations collected from breeder flocks and hatcheries through the OHSFP over the past 10 years (2009 to 2018). A secondary goal is to validate the broiler breeder Salmonella vaccination program, which began mid- way through this period. 

The results of this project will greatly assist the Ontario poultry industry to understand the temporal patterns of major Salmonella serovars in breeder flocks and hatcheries from all sectors (broiler-breeders, layer-breeders, turkey-breeders, and other-breeder birds such as ducks) over the last 10 years, and enable evidence-based decisions for vaccination and other control programs.