Andrea Bajus


Andrea graduated with her Bachelor of Science Honours in Animal Biology in April 2021 and began her MSc in Population Medicine and Epidemiology in May 2021, where she is advised by Dr. David Renaud and Dr. Kate Creutzinger (University of Wisconsin-River Falls). Andrea worked throughout her undergraduate degree in both the agriculture industry and in research, specifically working with dairy and veal calves, which allowed her the opportunity to discover her passion for improving calf health and welfare. Andrea's research is focused on exploring nutritional strategies to improve male dairy calf success through transportation and in the weeks following arrival to calf-raising facilities.



Rot, C., Creutzinger, K., Goetz, H., Winder, C., Morrison, J., Conboy, M., Bajus, A., Renaud, D. 2022. Factors associated with body weight of young surplus dairy calves on arrival to a calf rearing facility. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 203: 105630.