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Alisha Matte

BSc, PhD Student


Alisha is a PhD student in the Population Medicine Department at the University of Guelph. Before entering her PhD, she completed an Honours Bachelor degree at the University of Guelph in Biological Sciences. 

Research Interests

Alisha’s PhD project involves the use of qualitative research methods to explore how veterinary professionals and pet owners currently perceive, manage and cope with the companion animal end-of-life care and companion animal euthanasia. Through my research, I hope to beneficially impact companion animals, their owners and practicing veterinary professionals.

  • Health Communication
  • Companion Animal Loss
  • Veterinary-Client Interaction


Teaching Assistant – Art of Veterinary Medicine I (VETM*3210)

Teaching Assistant – Art of Veterinary Medicine II (VETM*3220)

Teaching Assistant – Biomedical Physiology DE (BIOM*3200)