Sherilee Harper

Assistant Professor   |   MSc, PhD


Sherilee Harper is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the University of Guelph.  She uses ecosystem approaches to health research to examine Indigenous environmental health outcomes in the context of climate change, and she collaborates with Indigenous partners to prioritise climate-related health actions, planning, interventions, and research.  She currently sits on the Editorial Board of Epidemiology and Infection. 

Research Interests

Sherilee Harper's EcoHealth research is grounded in a rigourous epidemiological research design, which utilizes quantitative methods to examine and understand population level trends and associations, as well as qualitative methods to develop an in-depth understanding of the beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, and lived experience of infectious disease, particularly foodborne, waterborne, and zoonotic disease. EcoHealth principles are at the core of her research; all of her research projects are guided by principles of transdisciplinarity, systems thinking, sustainability, and social equity, as well as respectful and mutually-beneficial community participation and collaboration at all stages of the research process. 

Research Topics:

  • Ecosystem approaches to health research
  • Indigenous health
  • Global environmental change and health
  • Climate change and health
  • Community-based environmenta and health surviellance
  • Canadian Arctic, Uganda, and Peru

Selected Publications

A complete list of Sherilee Harper's publications can be found here.

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