Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Population Medicine offers the following undergraduate courses (also described in the Undergraduate Calendar):


Epidemiology (POPM*3240)

Two offerings: Distance Education (Fall; Dr. Cathy Bauman) AND In-Class (Winter 2020; Dr. Anastasia Stellato)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING POPM*3240 IN-CLASS OFFERING: this is a Priority Access Course. The in-class offering will be initially restricted to both BIOM (required course) and ABIO (restricted elective) students at the 3rd and 4th year level. The registration window for all remaining students will open during the Fall 'Add Period'. It is the students' responsibility to ensure that they register based on their window selection. In order to keep the registration process equitable, the Course Instructor will not sign course waivers to work around this access restriction.  Please note that there are NO access restrictions on the Distance Education offering of POPM*3240.


Animal Health (POPM*4230) - Fall - Course Outline

Coordinator: Dr. Tai Von Konigslow


Epidemiology of Foodborne Diseases (POPM*4040) - Fall - Course Outline

Coordinator: Dr. Scott McEwen