Graduate Courses



The following graduate courses (also described in the Graduate Calendar) are available in the Department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College:

FALL 2018

Seminar Course (POPM*6100) - Dr. Terri O'Sullivan & Dr. Amy Greer 

Epidemiology I (POPM*6200*01) - IN-CLASS Version - Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton

Epidemiology I (POPM*6200*DE) - DISTANCE EDUCATION Version - Dr. Lauren Wallar  

Applied Clinical Research (POPM*6230*01) - Dr. Cathy Bauman

Project in Epidemiology (POPM*6250*01) - Dr. Olaf Berke

Epidemiology III (POPM*6290*01) - Dr. Olaf Berke

Safety of Foods of Animal Origin (POPM*6350*DE) - Dr. Scott McEwen

Introduction to Epidemiological and Statistical Methods (POPM*6520*01) - Dr. Olaf Berke

Health Communication (POPM*6530*01) - Dr. Jennifer McWhirter

Public Health Capstone (POPM*6570*01) - Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

Public Health Administration (POPM*6580*01) - Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

Public Health Research (POPM*6600*01) - Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

Theriogenology of Cattle (POPM*6630*01) - Dr. Tracey Chenier


Winter 2019

Epidemiology II (POPM*6210*01) - Dr. David Pearl

Project in Epidemiology (POPM*6250*01) - Dr. Olaf Berke

Health Promotion (POPM*6510*01) - Dr. Jennifer McWhirter

Environmental Public Health (POPM*6540*01) - Dr. Scott McEwen

Public Health Policy/Systems (POPM*6550*01) - Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

Practicum II (POPM*6590*01) - Dr. Scott McEwen

Public Health Research (POPM*6600*01) -  Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

Swine Health Management (POPM*6700*01) - Dr. Bob Friendship

Disease Modeling (POPM*6950*01) - Dr. Amy Greer

Global Health (POPM*6950*02) - Dr. Matthew Little

Qualitative Methods (POPM*6950*03) - S. Lin

Theriogenology of Other (POPM*6950*04) - Dr. Cathy Gartley

Dairy Metabolism (POPM*6950*05) - Dr. Stephen LeBlanc

Summer 2019


Public Health Practicum  (POPM*6560) - Dr. Scott McEwen

Public Heatlh Research (POPM*6600) - Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

Geographical Epidemiology (POPM*6950*01) - Dr. Olaf Berke

Ecosystem Approaches to Health (POPM*6950*02) - Drs. Katie Clow and Jane Parmley

Applied Health Informatics (POPM*6950*03) - Dr. Theresa Bernardo