Giving Tuesday: Ways to give to companion animal health at the Ontario Veterinary College


This Giving Tuesday, you can help the pets we love – live longer, healthier lives.


Did You Know? OVC Pet Trust, founded in 1986, is Canada’s first charitable fund dedicated to the health and well-being of companion animals. Funds raised support innovative discoveries that improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of pets.


There are many ways you can give to companion animal health at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) at the University of Guelph.



Give… DONATE financially.

Did you know we are currently raising funds to build new surgery and anesthesia facilities at the OVC Companion Animal Hospital? The creation of our new facilities is presently our area of greatest need. Watch our behind-the-scenes video to learn how your gift can make a difference in the lives of pets, and donate today.


Give… HONOUR a special occasion.

Did you know you can celebrate a special occasion by supporting Pet Trust? While many donate in memory of a pet, you can also make a donation to honour a person, a birthday, an anniversary, a random act of kindness, a wedding (in lieu of favours) and more. Visit our donation page or contact the Pet Trust team ( to learn more.


Give… PARTICIPATE in a clinical trial.

Did you know OVC is currently conducting more than 25 companion animal-related clinical trials? Your pet could help contribute to progressing research and veterinary medicine! Each study aims to help advance medical treatments that can improve the health or quality of life for our pets; they also allow clinicians to discover new and improved ways to prevent, diagnose or treat patients. Pet owners should talk to their family veterinarian about referral options to OVC, and if their pet may qualify to participate. Some studies recruit for healthy cats and dogs as well. Learn more about clinical trials at OVC and read the list of open studies.


Give… BECOME a dog blood donor.

Do you have a large, friendly, healthy dog between the ages of 1-5 years who weighs more than 55 lbs? If so, your canine companion may qualify to be a blood donor. Blood collected from donor dogs are used to help treat patients hospitalized in the OVC Companion Animal Hospital. One blood donation can help up to four different patients – and we give more than 500 transfusions each year. Visit the OVC Health Sciences Centre website to learn more about donor benefits and how your furry friend can get involved.


Give… ORGANIZE an event in your community.

Interested in running a third party event in support of OVC Pet Trust? From dog walks to bake sales to lemonade stands, the possibilities are plenty. Please contact Pet Trust Outreach Coordinator Bailey Kagan ( to get started.



Give… JOIN the Pet Memorial Program as a veterinary hospital.

OVC Pet Trust’s Pet Memorial Program provides a unique opportunity for veterinarians and their staff to commemorate the unique relationship they have with their clients and their pets. Memorial donations made through the program are invested into companion animal veterinary research, programs and discovery at OVC. Visit our website to learn more.



Regardless of how you may choose to give back, we are very grateful for your support in helping the pets we love – live longer, healthier lives. Thank you!