Policy Guidelines for Faculty

Absence from the Department

If you are absent from the Department FOR MORE THAN A DAY, make sure you change your phone message to SAY HOW LONG YOU ARE AWAY AND leave either a contact in the Department or the AACF contact information (x 54755).

Please advise the Chair's office of any absence from the department (vacation, illness, attendance at a conference, sabbatical) by sending an email (indicating the dates you will be away and the reason) to pbiadmin@uoguelph.ca .


Please refer to the Faculty Association Collective Agreement which can be found at http://www.uoguelph.ca/vpacademic/facultyrelations/agreements.php.

Office supplies, printers etc

Minor supply or other expenses for offices including repairs such as printer repair will be borne by the faculty member. The department supplies paper pads, paper, printer cartridges, pencils and pens for faculty use in offices. These office supplies will be charged against faculty member's 700 account if they are for purposes other than just "personal use", eg service. Department does not freely supply these for research use- they will need to purchased from the department (need a Trust Fund number) or from an office supplier.


The Department will pay 50% of the cost of maintenance agreements on centrifuges. If centrifuge “owners” decide not to agree to a 50:50 sharing of maintenance contracts, then the department would pay 50% of costs of repairs or other costs related to non-maintained machines.

External examiners

Amounts available for Doctoral external examiners are restricted to $1000 (could be topped up by faculty).

Where possible, invigilators should be faculty techs (staff) and if need be, graduate students.

Laboratory equipment and furnishings

Department will be responsible, subject to availability of funds, for very basic laboratory furnishings, such as single phone line and benches.

Where new equipment is needed, including chairs, this shall go onto the Department wish list, and will be dealt with on a periodic basis, depending on the availability of funds and of the maximum benefit to the department’s teaching and research programs. Depending on availability of funds, the Department may decide to contribute 50% rather than the full amount requested.

Where equipment such as bench-top centrifuges are broken and need repair or replacement, these items can be put on Department waiting “wish list” and, subject to availability of funds, to be decided as the financial year and expenditures unfold, the department may pay the 50% or a proportion of this.

Where additional electricity lines or computer access lines are required, responsibility falls on the faculty member.

Additional phones and monthly charges will be charged to the faculty member.

Movement of new equipment will be the responsibility of the faculty member.

Maintenance charges will be the responsibility of the users; there is a special arrangement for centrifuges.

Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Pathobiology Promotion and Tenure Guidelines 2013