Sanofi Biogenius Challenge Canada Competition Winner

Byram Bridle's lab group hosted a high school student over the past two semesters as part of the Sanofi Biogenius Challenge Canada competition. Her name is Christina Napoleoni.

She is a grade 12 student at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario and commuted round-trip from there to OVC to conduct the research while simultaneously meeting her full-time requirements for secondary school.

Her results were judged yesterday (April 12th) in the Ontario - Greater Toronto Area competition at the University of Toronto. She was awarded first place!

Her poster was entitled "Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Has Complex Effects On Oncolytic Virotherapy".

The authorship was: Christina Napoleoni, Mary Ellen Clark (technician in the Bridle Lab), Elaine Klafuric (graduate student in the Bridle Lab), Jessica Minott (undergraduate student in the Bridle lab), Glen Kim (high school teacher/mentor) and Byram W. Bridle (faculty mentor).

Many thanks to Mary Ellen, Elaine and Jessica for providing all of the front-line assistance with the training and research. Without them, this training program would not have been possible. This competition grabs the attention of scientists and industry representatives from across Canada, and involves institutions throughout the country. A first-place finish in this event reflects very well on our institution.

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