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OVC Prof Appears in Consumer Reports Article on Pet Illnesses

Posted February 26, 2019

Prof. Scott Weese was featured in a Consumer Reports article about the link between antibiotic
overuse in pets and subsequent disease outbreaks in humans.

A professor of pathobiology at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, Weese has
extensively studied antimicrobial resistance in pets, such as cats and dogs.  
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Cross-Species Cancer Comparison Uncovers New Drug Targets, Study Reveals

Posted February 15, 2019

New drug targets for a rare form of melanoma may result from the discovery of similar genetic mutations found in humans, dogs and horses under a first-ever tri-species DNA sequencing study involving a University of Guelph researcher.

Comparing cancers across species may help in pinpointing the most relevant drug targets, said pathobiology researcher Geoffrey Wood, assistant co-director of U of G’s Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation (ICCI).

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Federal Government Invests $1.5 Million in U of G Genomics Projects

Posted February 6, 2019

Healthier consumers, animals and ecosystems are the focus of three University of Guelph
genomics research projects that will receive federal funding worth $1.5 million.

Prof. Bonnie Mallard at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College, heads
up one of the projects receiving funding under the announcement. 

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How well do canine osteosarcoma grading systems predict outcome?

Posted January 30, 2019

Accurate predictions are a critical piece of the puzzle when studying diseases such as cancer. They help define prognosis and are vital when choosing the best treatment plan. 

For canine osteosarcoma, tumour grading systems are the standard method for determining the best approach for patients. 

However, a study from Dr. Courtney Schott, as part of her PhD research at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), found that neither of the two most common grading systems for canine osteosarcoma could reliably predict outcome. 

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Study shows benefit of vascular normalization in OV therapy for advanced epithelial ovarian cancer

Posted January 15, 2019

From left to right: Drs. Byram Bridle, Jim Petrik and Sarah Wootton (Photo by Karen Mantel, Ontario Veterinary College) Virologists studying the use of viruses to treat cancer have long seen acute vascular shutdown as a positive response to oncolytic virus (OV) therapy. This process, which is characterized by the drastic reduction of blood flow to a tumour after treatment, was believed to make OV treatment more effective by increasing oxygen starvation in cancer cells and sequestering the viruses within the tumours.  | The Terry Fox Research Institute


Awesome Careers

Posted January 2, 2019

Great story in the OVC Crest about former DVSc student Dr. Iga Stasiak and her wild career path.

A passion for wildlife and a love of the outdoors has always been a part of Iga Stasiak’s life.  | OVC Crest | @OVCPath



Posted January 1, 2019

Congrats to Éva Nagy on her retirement after 30 years as faculty
at OVC. First in VMI then in Pathobiology. An amazing career and
an amazing person. | Genome Canada



Congrats to Russel Fraser for his  CL Davis award win at the ACVP 2018 annual meeting in Washinton DC.





Britta Knight had an amazing time at the ACVP conference in Washington last week! Wonderful people and interesting talks, as well as a 2nd place for my poster.






Congratulations to graduate student Amira Rghei for winning 'Best in Show' in the the Office of Research 'Research in Focus'
photo contest! | Best in Show




Drs Byram Bridle and Sarah Wootton receive grants from the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute and CHIR

Posted September 24, 2018

Dr. Byram Bridle received an Innovation Grant worth $200,000 over two years, which is jointly funded by the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute and CIHR (Institute of Cancer Research). The project is entitled "Combining Oncolytic Virotherapy and Epigenetic Modifiers to Treat Acute Leukemias".

Drs. Byram Bridle and Sarah Wootton received an Operating Grant worth $120,000 over two years, which is jointly funded by the Cancer Research Society and CIHR (Institute of Cancer Research). The project is entitled "Treatment of Osteosarcoma Lung Metastases with an Infected Cancer Cell Vaccine"

Betty-Anne McBey receive an Award for Excellence in Wellness and Safety

Posted September 20, 2018

Betty-Anne McBey (left)  with Dr. Franco Vaccarino (right) U of G President and Vice-Chancellor Betty-Anne McBey, a technician in the Department of Pathobiology, received the Award for Excellence in Wellness, Health and Safety. McBey has spent more than 25 years
ensuring the safety and operations of the department’s research and teaching labs.

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Pathobiology congratulates the new ACVP diplomates

Posted September 19, 2018

Pathobiology congratulates the new ACVP diplomates in Anatomic Pathology (Amanda Mansz, Courtney Schott, Emma Borkowski, Rebecca Egan and  Russell Fraser) and Clinical Pathology (Karlee Craig and William Gow). Seven new diplomates in one year is an outstanding result, and the department is very proud of their accomplishments. (pictured below)