Graduate Studies: General Information

Graduate Coordinator

Jeff Caswell - Room 3828, PAHL building, Ext. 54555,


Graduate Studies Committee


Graduate Program Assistant - Admissions

Jessie Beer - Room 2509, OVC Stewart Building, Ext. 54725,
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Fields of Study

The Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology and the Department of Pathology merged into the new Department of Pathobiology on May 1, 1996. The new combined graduate training program in Veterinary Immunology, Microbiology, Parasitology and Pathology accomodates and integrates the established programs. Graduate students enrolled before Spring 1996 will continue in their programs according to the guidelines of their former departments.

There are four graduate degree programs. The department offers programs of study leading to MSc and PhD degrees and a Graduate Diploma. The department also participates in the inter-departmental Doctor of Veterinary Science (DVSc) program, and in the OVC Master of Public Health (MPH) program.

The Department of Pathobiology provides graduate programs in the following fields (alphabetical list):

Comparative pathology

  • Avian: Leonardo Susta
  • Fish: John Lumsden
  • Zoo animal/wildlife pathology: Leo Susta, Claire Jardine


  • Immunology: Bonnie Mallard, Shayan Sharif, Byram Bridle

Veterinary pathology

  • Anatomic pathology: Jeff Caswell, Rob Foster, Stefan Keller, Brandon Lillie, Brandon Plattner, Leonardo Susta, Geoff Wood
  • Clinical pathology: Dorothee Bienzle, Robert Jacobs, Darren Wood

Veterinary Infectious Diseases

  • Bacteriology: Patrick Boerlin, Scott Weese
  • Parasitology: John Barta, Andrew Peregrine
  • Virology:  Sarah Wootton, Byram Bridle

The DVSc is offered in applied areas of microbiology, immunology or pathology. The diploma program is offered in applied areas of pathology.


Graduate Space

Assignment of Space: Administrative Assistant only Office space to Graduate students is provided by the Department but space is limited # of students per office: 4 Larger offices: 8, 12 & 21 Use of Space: Space is designed for quiet academic activity (please socialize elsewhere) Students will be grouped according to similar disciplines and location of Advisor.