Rabies Titre Clinics

In keeping with our biennial department schedule for rabies titre clinics, this year’s clinic days are September 26 and 27, 2018 for the following departments:

·         Animal Health Lab
·         Pathobiology
·         Central Animal Facility
·         Animal Care Services
·         Animal & Bioscience
·         Isolation Unit
·         Integrative biology
·         Lab Services·    
Attached is the notification poster with details of the clinic times and locations. PLEASE BRING YOUR HEALTH CARD.  There will not be sign-up sheets – it will be first come first served.
Any new hire requiring evidence of an adequate titre, or if the employee has a borderline titre result (which requires frequent testing) is welcome to attend as a walk-in.
If an employee has not received the vaccine series they should not be coming to the clinic but rather making an appointment through Occupational Health & Wellness (OHW) at extension 52647 if they require the vaccine series due the requirements of their job duties.
Anyone unable to attend the clinic can schedule an appointment with OHW.
Student qualifications:
*Students who are receiving a stipend resulting in a T4 at the end of the fiscal year are considered an employee/new hire and eligible for this clinic.  If you are a student who requires a Rabies Titre and are not certain if you qualify as an employee, please come to my office ahead of the clinic.
If a student does not qualify as an employee, they will need to visit Student Health Services or their family physician.  Please speak with your advisor about costs. 
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Wednesday, September 26, 2018 -
09:00 to 12:30
PAHL 2824