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Awards Subcommittee


  • Associate Dean, Students & Academic
  • Two representatives from each department (one for undergraduate and one for graduate)
  • Representative of the Central Veterinary Students Association
  • Graduate Students Association


  • Chair: Designate of the Associate Dean, Students & Academic
  • Secretariat: Manager, Student Affairs

Term of Office

  • Appointed annually

To Whom Responsible

  • To the Awards Committee of Senate and to the Dean for duties not the responsibility of the Senate. Reports to the DVM Program Committee for information and comment.


  • Normally three times per semester


  • Formulates policies respecting the effective use of funds designated for undergraduate and graduate student awards for Senate approval.
  • Reviews the terms and conditions of awards.
  • Supervises the administration of non-Senate awards that may be available.
  • Selects recipients of awards.
  • Supervises the administration of various faculty fellowships (Bull Fellowship; Laforet Fellowship).
  • Administers selected faculty awards.
  • Periodically review student activities for the Program and make recommendations thereon to the College and Senate Awards Committees, the Dean and others appropriate.

NOTE: See also Senate By-laws, "Committee on Awards"