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Admissions Subcommittee


  • Associate Dean, Students & Academic
  • Two representatives from each OVC Department
  • Faculty advisor for the BSc Animal Biology major 
  • One DVM student representative
  • Chair of the DVM Program Committee (ex officio)


  • Chairs: Associate Dean, Students & Academic and a designate
  • Secretariat: Office of the Registrar (Admissions)
  • Manager, Student Affairs

Term of Office

  • Three years, where possible (renewable once)

To Whom Responsible

  • DVM Program Committee


  • As required


  • Select students for admission. When the number of students who satisfy the specific course requirements exceeds the number of available places in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, the Admissions Sub-committee will determine those who will be admitted. The members of the Sub-committee shall endeavour to select those applicants who, in their judgement, meet the selection criteria approved by its DVM Program Committee, and set out in the OVC Objectives.
  • Recommend admission policies.