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Dean's Council


  • Dean
  • Associate Deans (4)
  • Chairs to Academic Units (4)
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Budget


  • Chair: Dean
  • Executive Secretary to the Dean
  • Resources: Additional personnel may be asked to attend as consultants, depending on the agenda.

Term of Office

  • All members are ex officio.

To Whom Responsible

  • Dean


  • Weekly


  • Advises the Dean on allocation of resources and on appointments of faculty and senior staff.
  • Advises Dean on all matters of policy and administration pertaining to the College.
  • Serves as a nominating committee for decanal committees.
  • Serves as the senior management board for the OVCTH.

Current Members

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wichtel, Dean, Committee Chair
  • Dr. Joanne Hewson, Associate Dean, Students and Academic
  • Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, Associate Dean, Clinical Program
  • Dr. Shayan Sharif, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
  • Ilya Bogorad, Executive Director, Strategy and Planning 
  • Dr. Tarek Saleh, Biomedical Sciences, Department Chair
  • Dr. Carolyn Kerr, Clinical Studies, Department Chair
  • Dr. Brandon Lillie, Pathobiology, Interm Department Chair (Interim)
  • Dr. Todd Duffield, Population Medicine, Department Chair
  • Carol Ann HIggins, Chief Adminsitrative Officer
  • Judy Tack, Chief Budget Officer