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Dean's Advisory Committee


  • Dean
  • 3 representatives from each of the 4 OVC academic departments (At least one member must be tenure-track; i.e. not tenured)
  • 1 Representative Veterinarian from the OVC Health Sciences Centre

Term of Office

  • All members are ex officio.

To Whom Responsible

  • Dean


  • Monthly


Share ideas, discuss, brainstorm, critique draft college presentations and consider possible solutions to issues that arise within the College. The aim of this committee is to foster a mutually respectful dialogue between faculty and the dean.  The members of the committee should understand the need for confidentiality, have 1-2 hours per month to commit to the interactions of the committee and be willing to both listen and discuss in a positive manner issues of common interest. 

Current Members

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wichtel, Dean, Chair
  • Dr. Craig Bailey, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Pavneesh Madan, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. James Petrik, Biomedical Sciences
  • Dr. Brigitte Brisson, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Joanne Hewson, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Michelle Oblak, Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Daniel Kenney, OVC HSC
  • Dr. Stefan Keller, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Jeffrey Caswell, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Geoffrey Wood, Pathobiology
  • Dr. Amy Greer, Population Medicine (on parental leave)
  • Dr. Deep Khosa, Population Medicine
  • Dr. Paula Menzies, Population Medicine