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College Committees

Dean's Council
This committee advises the Dean on allocation of resources and on appointments of faculty and senior staff. The physical, personnel and financial resources of the college are the responsibility of the Dean and Dean's Council. The committee also advises the Dean on all matters of policy and administration pertaining to the College and serves as a nominating committee for decanal committees. Dean’s Council is composed of the four academic department Chairs, the four Associate Deans, the Chief Administrative and Chief Financial Officers and the Manager, OVC Information Technology Services. The committee is chaired by the Dean.

Dean's Management Team
This committee supports the Dean on an operational level by focusing on initiatives arising from the Integrated Plan; college programs; college level decision‐making; planning and resource‐allocation (budget, people, space); and the implementation of new programs. The team includes the Dean, the four Associate Deans: Academic; Research and Innovation; Students and Clinical Program, the Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Manager Information Technology and Finance, the Director of OVC Advancement and the Manager, Communications and Marketing.

Dean's Advisory Committee
The purpose of the committee is to allow department representatives and the dean an opportunity to informally share ideas, discuss, brainstorm, critique draft college presentations and consider possible solutions to issues that arise within the College. The aim of this committee is to foster a mutually respectful dialogue between faculty and the dean.  The members of the committee should understand the need for confidentiality, have 1-2 hours per month to commit to the interactions of the committee and be willing to both listen and discuss in a positive manner issues of common interest.   The committee is comprised of 3 representatives from each of the 4 OVC academic departments and 1 representative Veterinarian from the OVC Health Sciences Centre.

Business Intelligence and Information Technology Steering Committee
The role of the BI and IT Steering Committee is to promote and provide direction to the College’s business intelligence and information technology functionality and inter-operabiity.

DVM Program Committee
The DVM Program Committee is responsible for the academic program (i.e. admissions, curriculum, schedule of studies, externship, etc.). It is chaired by the Associate Dean, Academic and has no less than 10 members, including one DVM student from each class and at least two members from outside the program. The four subcommittees of the Program Committee are:

  • Academic Review
    The duties of this sub-committee are to consider and dispose of requests for academic consideration and to decide on the ability of students with academic difficulties to proceed in the program. It is chaired by the Associate Dean, Academic. The members of the committee are the Chair and a faculty member from each academic department; the Associate Dean, Students (all voting); and a representative from the Registrar's Office (non-voting).

  • Admissions
    This sub-committee selects students for admission. In addition to the Committee Chair who is Associate Dean, Students, the members are: two faculty members from each department: the faculty advisor to the BSc (Animal Biology program) program: a DVM student (all voting): and the Manager, Student Affairs: the DVM Admissions Counsellor: and the Associate Dean, Students (all non-voting). The committee selects those applicants to the DVM program who meet the selection criteria approved by the DVM Program Committee. The sub-committee also recommends admission policies to the DVM Program Committee.

  • Awards
    This subcommittee formulates policies regarding the effective use of funds designated for undergraduate and graduate student, and faculty and staff awards. Members establish the terms and conditions of College awards, and select recipients of the awards. In addition to the Committee Chair, who is a faculty member, the members are: a faculty member from each OVC department; a DVM student; and a graduate student (all voting); and the Manager, Student Affairs; Associate Dean, Research and Innovation; and the Associate Dean, Students (all non-voting).

  • Curriculum
    This 15-member sub-committee, which includes one student member from each class, develops academic policies for the delivery of the DVM Program based on the curricular principles approved by Senate. It also reviews course and program outcomes and provides feedback to course coordinators and Chairs with recommendations for change or improvement where appropriate. Members report the outcomes of reviews to the DVM Program Committee and initiate and respond to requests from the DVM Program Committee for changes to improve its quality or effectiveness. Additionally, it considers and approves changes to courses or Phases that may require Program Committee, Board of Undergraduate Studies, or Senate approval, while considering resource (human and financial) implications as they relate to delivery of the curriculum. Finally, it provides leadership in the planning and implementation of opportunities and changes or additions to the Program that enhances the understanding of, and access to, a broader range of career opportunities. It is chaired by the Associate Dean, Academic.

OVC Research Advisory Committee
This committee provides advice and support to the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation, for strategic planning on all matters that relate to graduate studies and research at the Ontario Veterinary College. The Research Advisory Committee is also responsible for reviewing applications for the OVC Fellowship and Scholarship programs as well as College Summer Student Research Assistantships. The committee is chaired by the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation and there are three to four representatives from each department on this committee including graduate student coordinators