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Business Intelligence and Information Technology Steering Committee


  • Associate Dean, Clinical Programs
  • Associate Dean, Academic
  • Cheif Administrative Officer
  • Cheif Financial Officer
  • Manager Information Technology Services
  • Deputy CIO, CCS

Term of Office

  • All members are ex officio.

To Whom Responsible

  • Dean


  • Monthly


  • Alignment between the College’s strategic information requirements and BI resource capabilities (ie availability and readiness of information systems, capacity in the analyst pool, and funding)
  • Promoting value of data-driven, evidence-based decision support culture at Dean’s Council and Dean’s Management Team as well as with interaction with University administration and senior leadership teams;
  • Development of an information management and business solutions framework in order to address critical decision support needs 
  • Adoption of a formal set of Business Intelligence / Data Stewardship practices and strategies (as outlined in the strategic plan document)
  • Prioritizing/authorizing BI projects, assessment of resources required and oversight through formal project management methodology; 
  • Prioritizing/authorizing College reporting and information sharing initiatives;
  • Promoting/enforcing data stewardship and data quality practices. This includes how information needs, reporting requirements and business queries are interpreted as well as control over how corresponding data is sourced and analyzed;
  • Oversight over BI Analyst working group, providing direction over their projects 
  • Oversight over Technology working group, providing direction over their projects 

Current Members

  • (Chair) Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, Associate Dean, Clinical Programs 
  • Dr. Kerry Lissemore, Associate Dean, Academic
  • Carol Ann Higgins, Cheif Administrative Officer
  • Judy Tack, Cheif Financial Officer
  • Paul McDonald, Manager Information Technology Services
  • Gayleen Gray, Deputy CIO, CCS