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U of G Symposium Highlights Public Health, Zoonotic Research

The Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses symposium will highlight research across the public health and zoonotic disease spectrum.Research across the public health and zoonotic disease spectrum will be the focus during a virtual symposium with the University of Guelph’s Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses (CPHAZ).

Zoonotic disease – diseases that transmit from animals to people – and their impact on public health have been in sharp focus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPHAZ takes a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to address public health challenges at the human-animal-environmental interface and contribute to rapid response to new and emerging zoonotic diseases.

Created in recognition of existing strengths at the Ontario Veterinary College and the U of G in animal-related aspects of public health, the goals and strategic directions of CPHAZ are focused around three broad areas - research, education, and knowledge dissemination.

This year’s symposium features more than 30 presenters from Canada and abroad providing updates on a range of innovative research – from rabies to water quality and waterborne disease to antimicrobial resistance, tick research, and SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in pets.

In addition, keynote speakers during the day will cover a range of topics:

  • Dr. Sue Kilborn, Ottawa region and One Health director for Community Veterinary Outreach, will focus on ‘Community Veterinary Outreach and its One Health model: Veterinary care as a gateway to smoking cessation.’
  • Dr. Heather Murphy, OVC professor and Canada Research Chair in One Health, will highlight research into waterborne diseases.
  • Dr. Samira Mubareka, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre microbiologist, will discuss ‘The first coronavirus pandemic, from nature's design to human disaster.’
  • Dr. Katie Clow, OVC professor, will focus on the epidemiology and ecology of vectors, such as ticks, and vector-borne zoonoses in Canada.

The virtual event takes place Thursday, May 20, 2021 from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm EST via Zoom.

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Registration deadline is Tuesday, May 18, 2021. 

Please note, only those who register by completing the survey will get a Webinar Zoom link to join the Symposium.

Find additional information on the CPHAZ website