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Dairy Month Spotlight On OVC Expertise

Dairy cows in a barnThe University of Guelph is a powerhouse when it comes to dairy research, with internationally recognized researchers and interdisciplinary research across the campus.

At the Ontario Veterinary College, dairy experts play leading roles in advancing knowledge that benefits the dairy cow, dairy farmer, dairy industry and dairy consumer.

Their research encompasses cow health and well-being, as well as reproductive health. It’s expanding our understanding of disease and in technology to build a healthier herd that is naturally more resistant to disease. It’s contributing hands-on knowledge in the rapidly expanding small ruminant dairy industry and to new on-farm protocols for best practices in calf health and welfare.

Dairy at Guelph: The Centre for Dairy Research and Innovation is an important component in this work, bringing together more than 60 U of G researchers, including many internationally recognized experts, studying a wide range of dairy subjects.

During dairy month, we are spotlighting some of this ongoing work.

Dr. Cathy Bauman, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph Cathy Bauman, OVC Department of Population Medicine
Dr. Cathy Bauman’s main research area focuses on the dairy small ruminant industries. The Ontario small ruminant dairy industries have grown and stabilized over the last 10 years with Ontario now producing more than 75 per cent of Canada’s goat milk and almost half of the country’s sheep milk. Her research projects focus on “applied research” with results directly applicable to the issues producers, veterinarians and processors deal with on a day-to-day basis. Read more about Dr. Bauman’s research in this area.


Dr. Todd  Duffield, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph Todd Duffield, OVC Department of Population Medicine
Dr. Todd Duffield’s research is focused on two main themes: metabolic disease and dairy welfare. His is passionate about helping dairy producers succeed and helping them to improve health, welfare and production. Current studies are exploring risk factors for ketosis at both the herd and the cow level including potential genetic factors and a three-part Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) project related development and implementation of cull cow training workshops. Read more about Dr. Duffield’s research.



Dr. David Kelton, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph David Kelton, OVC Department of Population Medicine
Dr. David Kelton’s research focuses on the control of diseases of importance to the dairy industry (such as mastitis, lameness, and Johne’s Disease, an infectious gastrointestinal disease) and on resolving farm-based milk quality problems. All of these projects provide foundational support for the Dairy Farmers of Canada proAction dairy quality assurance program that includes traceability, animal care and welfare, environmental stewardship and biosecurity. Learn more about Dr. Kelton’s research.


Dr. Stephen LeBlanc, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph Stephen LeBlanc, Department of Population Medicine
Dr. Stephen LeBlanc’s research addresses metabolic and reproductive health in dairy cows. His team studies the determinants of health in the transition period (before and after a cow has a calf) and how these link to reproductive health and performance, and evaluate interventions to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. They have also done studies to try to optimize the use of automated activity monitors (“FitBits” for cows), which are becoming widely used on dairy farms. Read more about Dr. LeBlanc’s research in this area.


Dr. Bonnie Mallard, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph Bonnie Mallard, OVC Department of Pathobiology
For the past 25 years, Dr. Bonnie Mallard’s research has focused on identifying dairy cattle carrying the highest level of immune-competence and pinpointing the genes that provide that superior immunity. She is the inventor of the patented U of G High Immune Response (HIR™) Technology The HIR technology is marketed by the Semex Alliance under the tradename, Immunity+. Read more about Dr. Mallard’s research.



Dr. David Renaud, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph David Renaud, OVC Department of Population Medicine
Dr. David Renaud’s research program focuses on improving the health and welfare of dairy calves. In particular, he is working in two major areas with graduate students on how to improve the welfare of surplus calves that are not needed for milk production and identify ways, through the use of technology and improved management, to limit disease in dairy calves. Learn more about Dr. Renaud’s research.


Dr. Charlotte Winder, Ontario Veterinary College, University of GuelphCharlotte Winder, OVC Department of Population Medicine
Dr. Charlotte Winder’s research focuses on animal health and welfare, primarily in dairy calf care and management. This involves the full breadth of the research cycles, including knowledge synthesis, clinical trials, and knowledge translation and transfer research. Read more about Dr. Winder’s research.