Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience is the multidisciplinary study of the nervous system and a rapidly growing area of expertise at OVC. Our biomedical researchers focus on a variety of topics including characterization of pattern formation during normal brain development, the identification and characterization of novel mechanisms of synaptic plasticity, gene expression patterns and signaling pathways activated in aging and Alzheimer's Disease, the characterization of mutant ion channels in disease and the role of sex hormones in brain function. OVC is also home to veterinary neurologists who study comparative epilepsy, electroencephalography, translational genetics of neurologic disease, neuroimaging, 3D medical modelling, neuroncology, CNS inflammatory diseases, and neurosurgical techniques.


Dr. Craig Bailey: Associate Professor

Dr. Giannina Descalzi: Assistant Professor

Dr. Luis Gaitero: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ECVM

Dr. Fiona James: Associate Professor; Diplomate, ACVIM (Neurology)

Dr. Bettina Kalisch: Associate Professor

Dr. Jibran Khokhar: Assistant Professor

Dr. Neil MacLusky: Professor

Dr. Melissa Perreault: Associate Professor

Dr. Tarek Saleh: Professor

Dr. Jon LaMarreProfessor

Dr. Matthew VickaryousProfessor

Dr. Nuria DaviuPostdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Ian Tobias: Postdoctoral Fellow

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