Nicole Winters


Educational Background

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences, Queen's University. 

Public Health Area of Interest

I am interested in various public health areas including infectious disease, vaccination, global health, and health-related effects of climate change. I enjoy applying my skills in health promotion, health communication and knowledge translation to support the development and implementation of public health programs.  

Practicum Project

I completed my MPH practicum with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the National Advisory Committee for Immunization Secretariat (NACI). The goal of this practicum was to characterize the vaccine pipeline (horizon scan) for several prioirty vaccine-preventable diseases in order to support NACI work-planning. This involved conducting comprehensive enviormnetal scans of vaccine clinical trial data, stakeholder engagment, data analysis, and development of several knowledge translation tools to communicate findings. Staff were trained to conduct rapid reviews in the future in order to maintain the project's tools as evergreen resources and ensure horizon scanning becomes an ongoing, efficient process at PHAC. 

Practicum Location

Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa, ON. 

Favourite Aspect of the Program to Date

My favourite aspect of Guelph's MPH program is that it is delivered through the Ontario Veterinary College which allows for an emphasis on topics related to public health and infectious disease.