Josh Grignon


I am an aspiring public health researcher with interests in KTE, mental health, and physical activity. I am currently pursuing an MPH degree and working for Bell Mobility Radio as a project coordinator. I am also the Chairman of the Board for the Julien Project, a charitable organization that delivers garden therapy programs.

Educational Background

  • MPH, Public Health; University of Guelph, 2021
  • MA, Recreation & Leisure Studies; University of Waterloo, 2018
  • BA Honours, Anthropology and Geography; University of Waterloo, 2015

Public Health Area of Interest

  • Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE)
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Activity

Practicum Project

I conducted a qualitative research project in collaboration with a University of Guelph PhD student to examine the characteristics of evaluation policies used by six food-related United Nations entities -- the abstract, of which, is below. We are currently pursing publication.

The quality of an evaluation is influenced by whether it has met the policy objectives of the organization for which the evaluation is performed, but very little research exists that explores those policies. In this paper, we examine the characteristics of evaluation policies for six food-related United Nations entities. Secondly, we explore how those entities adapted those policies to their activities, specifically to address food insecurity. To do this, we acquired three guiding documents from each entity to examine thematically. Our results revealed four policy themes – (1) guiding principles of evaluation, (2) gender equality and empowerment of women, (3) purposes of evaluation, and (4) research best practices – but that the entities had not adapted their policies to their operations. We recommend that organizations hoping to create their own evaluation policies consider using the United Nations Evaluation Group’s norms as a framework, but to adapt those principles to their organization’s activities.

Favourite Aspect of the Program to Date

The many opportunities to engage in research.