Hailey Silver


I am currently working for the Public Health Agency of Canada in the Foodborne Disease and AMR Surveillance Division (FDASD) surpporting the human component of FoodNet Canada and helping with data management. 

Educational Background

Honours Bachelor of Science (Honours), major in Biological Sciences - University of Guelph, 2019. 

Public Health Area of Interest

Foodborne illnesses, infectious diseases, epidemiology, data analysis, young adult mental health

Practicum Project

I completed my practicum working with data from the FoodNet Canada surveillance system to complete two projects. The first described pathogens found in irrigation water for the purpose of a manuscript, while the second analyzed and integrated farm-to-fork data on shigatoxin-producing E. coli (STEC), with an emphasis on O157 versus non-O157 STEC. The output of the STEC project was to produce an infographic targeted towards a general public audience. 

Practicum Location

Public Health Agency of Canada, Foodborne Disease and AMR Surveillance Division (FDASD), FoodNet Canada