Daniel Ofori-Darko


My name is Daniel Ofori-Darko and after studying Biomedical Toxicology right here at the University of Guelph, I was able to pursue my passions and enroll in the Master of Public Health program. I am a first-year and I have begun to see how vast the sphere of public health is, however, my interests lie in Epidemiology, Communicable Diseases and Biostatistics.   

Feel free to contact me at: doforida@uoguelph.ca

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biomedical Toxicology (Co-op), University of Guelph

Master of Public Heath, University of Guelph (1st year student)

Public Health Area of Interest

Fuelled by depictions in popular films and my investigative nature, within the vast field of public health I have always had a desire to become a Field Epidemiologist. Seeking to apply epidemiological principles out in the field, I hope to utilize my knowledge of outbreak investigation and communicable diseases to protect the public from unexpected health threats.