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Employee Functions

It is important to note that all employees on payroll will be interacting with the OSCAR system in some manner.  That includes personnel who utilize postive reporting (submitting timesheets) and those who are considered exception based (time off reporting only).  See the about page for a clear list of employee roles.

Employees will be submitting timesheets once per week (not bi-weekly as in the past).

The Frequently Asked Questions page can answer many of the most common questions.



The training document below will provide direction on the majority of commonly utilized functions. This is a customized and concise document for OVC employees only.

Employee Training: Basic


More complex and complete training can be found in the document below.  This document has been prepared by the developer of the OSCAR system, WorkForce Software.

Employee Training: Advanced

The document includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Navigations Basics
  • Lesson 2: Time Entry Window
  • Lesson 3: Basic Time Entry
  • Lesson 4: Premium Calculations
  • Lesson 5: Submitting Time Sheets
  • Lesson 6: My Calendar
  • Lesson 7: Requesting Time-off
  • Lesson 8: Generating Reports