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General OSCAR Questions

Submission Deadlines

Employee Questions

Manager/Supervisor/Approver Questions

General OSCAR Questions

Q. Who is using OSCAR?
A. See the About page under the heading "Who Should be Using the System".

Q. Why do staff have to fill out a time sheet when it was not required before?
A. In 2014, OVC completed an internal audit which highlighted non-compliance in some units with regard to timesheet reporting and management approvals. OSCAR addresses these compliance requirements and provides increased accountability as has been demanded across the University.  The system will provide improved information for many employees (sicks days, vacation time, float days, etc.).

Q. What does “exception only” reporting mean?
A. Exception reporting refers to staff who are required to only submit time taken (ie. not time worked), such as a vacation or sick day.

Q. What does positive reporting mean?
A. Positive reporting refers to staff and students who are required to submit their hours worked as well time taken (ie. time off). 

Q. There is a discrepancy in my data, what do I do?
A. Send a message to the Contact Email account listed on the Home page and provide as many details as possible.

Q. Can I access OSCAR off site?
A. Yes.  All that is needed is an internet connection and a web browser. See the web address published on the Home page.

Q. I can't log in, what should I do?
A. Send a message to the Contact Email account listed on the Home page and provide as many details as possible.

Submission Deadlines

Q. How often should time sheets be submitted?
A. Weekly (not bi-weekly as in the past).

Q. Why are time sheets due every week?
A. This is a best practice that ensures improved accuracy in the information reported. The OVC HSC instituted this practice in 2014 with good results. 

Q. When does my time sheet need to be submitted by?
A. Every Wednesday before midnight.

Q. When does a time sheet need to be approved by?
A. Every Thursday before noon

Q. Do I have to submit a time sheet even if I have no hours or exceptions to report?
A. Yes.  This indicates to your manager/supervisor, as well as system administrators, that there is indeed nothing to process and therefore the payroll cycle can be completed.

Employee Questions

Time Entry

Q. How do I enter my time?
A. Select pay code; ensure prepopulated position is correct; ignore service area, activity and case ID (unless you are a member of the HSC); enter hours; enter comments if desired.
NOTE 1. The Worked In/Out pay code requires the entry of the time you started and the time you finished.  
NOTE 2. All other pay codes only require a total number of hours. Examples of how to enter partial hours; 15 minutes = 0.25 hrs, 30 minutes = 0.5 hrs. etc.
NOTE 3. Entering 5.5 or more hours worked in one day will require the use of a meal break. 

Q. How do I enter a partial days absence (ex. medical/dental appointment or sick time)?
A. Use the correct pay code to describe the absence type; enter the length in hours of the absence; adjust the time worked in/out (you will need multiple worked in/out enters if the absence was in the middle of the day).  The below picture describe a one hour medical/dental appointment from 2-3pm.


Q. How do I record overtime worked?
A. The system will do it for you.  If you are eligible for overtime the system will calculate it for you, based on the hours worked in/out and your assigned standard daily hours.
NOTE. After clicking the "Save" button the "Results" tab will show the calculated hours of overtime, as well as other hour types.

Q. What if I want to bank the overtime earned?
A. Select the appropriate Overtime Bank Pay Code (straight, time and half or double) and enter the number of overtime hours you wish to bank.
NOTE. If you select a pay code that does not apply to individuals in your employee group - your supervisor or the administrator may make a change to ensure the correct code is selected - if this is the case, you will be notified of the change.

Q. What if I wish to use the overtime hours banked?
A. To use your banked overtime hours as time away, select the "Off, Using Time Owing" paycode and indicate the number of hours you will be using on the specific day away.

Q. What do I enter on a statutory holiday?
A. Leave the day blank.  The payroll system has the holidays programed in and will pay staff accordingly.
NOTE: You may see an item with the pay code "Holiday" automatically populate, this is ok, no need to delete.

Q. Who sees the comments I add to the time sheet?
A.Your manager/supervisor(s) and OSCAR administrators.

Q. Do I have to re-enter the same information for every day of the week?
A. No.  A row, day or week of entries may be copied and pasted. Use the drop down arrow located beside the green circle (with a plus sign in the centre) to access the cut, copy, paste and delete options. 

Q. Can I enter time in advance?
A. Yes. You can enter time two weeks in advance.

Q. What is the difference between “saving” and “submitting” my time sheet?
A. Saving your time sheet simply saves the data that you have inputted.  It permits you to access the information at a later time. Submitting your time sheet indicates to your manager/supervisor that there will be no further entries made to the time sheet, and that you are in agreement with the content of the time sheet.  

Approvals, Deadlines and Reminders

Q. If my supervisor does not approve will I still get paid?
A. As in the past approvals are very important, even moreso going forward with the increased scrutiny placed on the payroll practices at the University.  Especially during the initial transition period, every effort will be made to ensure all employees are receiving their pay as expected.

Q. How can I learn who is assigned as my supervisor in the OSCAR system?
A. Send a message to the contact email account listed on the Home page and provide as many details as possible.

Q. Will the system send me reminder emails?
A. Yes.  You will receive an email on Wednesday and Thursday mornings if you have not submitted your timesheet.

Q. What if I miss the deadline to report my hours?
A. Consult with your supervisor who has the ability to amend a closed time sheet.

Q. Can I alter a submitted time sheet?
A. Yes, as long as the time sheet has not been approved and/or closed. The “recall” button will be available to you should this be an option.  After making the change, submit as usual.

Q. How do I know that I am reporting time in the correct pay period?
A. The range of dates in the top left corner (just under the OVC and OSCAR logos) shows the active week.  It will default to the most current that has not been submitted or closed.

Q. How do I know which pay codes to select from the drop down list?
A. See "OVC pay codes quick reference guide" on the Home page to learn the purpose of each pay code, and how it should be applied.
NOTE.  You can dynamically search the drop down list by typing the first letter of the code you need. Example, “W” for worked in/out or “M” for meal break.  

Vacation Balances and Time Off Requests

Q. How do I read my Time Off balances?  How does vacation accrual calculation work?
A. All time off balances are in hours (not days). 
NOTE 1. The Vacation bank displays as a monthly accrual, which is credited to your balance on the first of every month.
NOTE 2. To see your annual entitlement, make your way to December 2nd.

Q. Why does my vacation taken deduct from the current year Vacation bank instead of the Vacation Carry Over bank?
A. The first 10 days (70 hours for full-time employees) of vacation taken are deducted from the Vacation bank.  Subsequent vacation days taken will deduct from the Vacation Carry Over bank.  Once exhausted, vacation taken will deduct from the Vacation bank once again.

Q. Should my Vacation Carry Over bank be used before the end of a calendar year?
A. Yes, in most situations, it is not possible to carry over time that has already been carried over from a previous year.  Consult your collective aggreements for specifics.  Talk to your supervisor about exceptions to this rule for special circumstances.

Q. Do I have to use the Time Off Request feature to record vacation time taken?
A. No, although it is preferred that you utilize this functionality of the system.  Approved time off requests will automatically populate the appropraite time sheet. 

Q. Can I cancel a Time Off Request?
A. Only until it has been approved by your supervisor.  Once approved the request can be cancelled by the supervisor OR the employee can edit the entry in the appropriate timesheet.

Q. Can I build a repeating time off request?
A. No.

Q. How many hours equate to a full day of vacation or sick time?
For full time staff who work 35 hours per week, a full day off is 7 hours. 
NOTE: Typically a full day off should equate to your standard daily hours. 

Q. I receive vacation pay (ie. zero alloted vacation days).  How do I request time off?
A.  Put in the request as "Time off without pay".

Manager/Supervisor/Approver Questions

Q. Who approves when I am away?
A. Use the "Manage Delegations" feature to delegate approving authority.

Q. What should I do if I don't see all of my employees?
A. Send a message to the Contact Email account listed on the Home page and provide as many details as possible.

Q. What should I do if I see employees that aren't mine?
A. Send a message to the Contact Email account listed on the Home page and provide as many details as possible.

Q. Will the system send me reminder emails?
A. No. It is suggested that supervisors create a reminder in their own calendar.

Q. When processing a Time Off Request, how many hours equates to one full day of vacation?
A. For full-time staff who work a 35 hour week, 7 hours of vacation time equate to one full day.
NOTE. Hours over 7 will subtract uneccessarily from their vacation bank.