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Prognostication of Canine T-Cell Lymphoma


To improve diagnosis and provide a more accurate prognosis for T-cell lymphomas


T-cell lymphomas are generally considered to have a worse prognosis than B-cell lymphomas.  However, within the large group of T-cell lymphomas there are some that progress quickly and some that progress slowly.  We currently do not have good methods for differentiating these subtypes of T-cell lymphoma.

Inclusion Criteria

We are enrolling dogs with a cytology or histopathology diagnosis of lymphoma who will be treated with chemotherapy.

Exclusion Criteria

Treatment with chemotherapy or glucocorticoids before referral to OVC.

Study Design

A lymph node aspirate will be analyzed by flow cytometry to determine if the dog has B- or T-cell lymphoma. If the dog has a T-cell lymphoma, an enlarged lymph node will be removed under general or local anesthesia for histopathology.

Client Compensation

The study will cover the cost of flow cytometry and lymph node removal.


  • Dr. Dorothee Bienzele (PI)
  • Dr. Nariman Deravi


Vicky Sabine (PhD), Clinical Research Coordinator