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Feline Acute Kidney Injury Study


To assess the potential of a possible new marker of acute kidney injury - including Oncology patients that develop kidney disease during the course of their disease.


  • New diagnostic AKI assay performed at no cost to owner

Samples needed:

  • urine sample (1-5 mL), collected either by voidance, cystocentesis or catheterization.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • cats with following conditions:

    • severe systemic disease (including cancer)
    • aminoglycoside & NSAID therapies
    • low urinary tract obstruction
    • prerenal azotemia
    • exacerbation of chronic renal disease
    • acute renal failure.


Dr. Dorothee Bienzle (PI)


Dr. Dorothee Bienzle: 519-824-4120; ext.54351

Vicky Sabine, PhD (Clinical Research Coordinator); Work Cell #: 226-218-0338


Funded by OVC Pet Trust