Female veterinary taking care of the bulldog while two veterinarians in the background analyzing the report

Engage with OVC students

Hire an OVC DVM Student

For a summer student job opportunity

First and second year OVC DVM students seek out veterinary summer employment opportunities over the summer months (May – August). Posting a summer job opportunity on Experience Guelph is a great way to advertise and attract OVC DVM students to your organization.

For a part-time job opportunity – OVC students may be interested in part-time jobs that require less than 15 hours of work per week. Please consider posting any part-time job opportunities on Experience Guelph.  

For a DVM job opportunity

Post on Experience Guelph to advertise opportunities to fourth year students seeking their first veterinary role following completion of their DVM degree

Host a 4th year veterinary student for an 8-week Externship placement 

  1. All 4th year OVC students must participate in an 8 week unpaid Externship placement at a mixed animal practice clinic (mixed animal practice, i.e. at least 20% large animal, up to 80% small animal) 
  2. If you are a Veterinarian working within a mixed clinic and are interested in providing meaningful mentorship to an OVC DVM student please complete Engaging with OVC Students - intake form, and we will be in touch with further details.   
  3. The recruitment process for Summer 2024 Externships will take place the spring of 2023 on Experience Guelph. We encourage eligible and interested hosts to sign up for an employer account on Experience Guelph before the application process opens. 
  • Monday, April 24th – Friday, May 5th: Externship Posting Submissions Accepted  
  • Monday, May 15th – Sunday, May 28th: Student Applications Accepted  
  • Monday, May 29th – Friday, June 9th: Application Review, Interview Request Submissions Accepted, and Interview Invites Distributed  
  • Monday, June 5th – Friday, June 16th: Interviews Scheduled & Rank and Offers Accepted  
  • Monday, June 19th: Offers Released  

Host a 4th year veterinary student for a 1–4-week external rotation placement 

Many 4th year OVC students choose to participate in an unpaid 1-4 week external placement at a veterinary site or clinic. If you are a veterinarian who is interested in providing meaningful mentorship to an OVC DVM student, please complete the intake form and we will be in touch with further details.    

Network and Mentor Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Students 

There are opportunities for the veterinary community to connect with students through programming and events. Opportunities include but are not limited to the DVM Mentorship Program, Career Panels, Informational Interviews, or Club Talks.