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Associate Dean, Students

The Office of the Associate Dean, Students is here to support and foster the development of student veterinarians in order to maximize their academic and personal success. Simply put, we are here for you.


Dr. Peter ConlonDr. Peter Conlon - OVC Associate Dean, Students

Dr. Peter Conlon is the Associate Dean, Students. His role is to help student veterinarians achieve their academic and personal goals while here at OVC. He is involved in a number of orientation and leadership initiatives for student veterinarians and maintains close contact with student support services across campus.

Please feel free to contact Lynn Rumig in room 2651 or at Ext. 54422 to set up an appointment with Dr. Conlon if you have any concerns.

Information and Resources

The University can be an overwhelming place when you are trying to access a person, a service, or a resource and you don't know how to do it. There are University and OVC directories available on the web, so you should try those first, but if you are unable to figure out who you should talk to about a certain problem or question, please come and see us. We will do our best to connect you quickly to appropriate campus and off-campus resources.

Financial Assistance

We work closely with Student Financial Services in distributing financial support to student veterinarians. OVC annually provides over $100,000 in the form of bursaries that comes from the generosity of our donors. There are also university funds that go to student bursaries. This is money given as a grant because a student is in financial need. If at any time throughout the academic year, you find yourself in financial difficulties, please come to the Student Affairs Office and we will do our best to advise you and help you out as our resources allow. If you have concerns about your OSAP, please consult Student Financial Services directly.

There are also a large number of OVC awards that are available for academic achievement and for service to the OVC community. These are presented at ceremonies in March (undergraduate and graduate awards) and June (Convocation awards).

Personal Counselling

All of us face challenges in our lives that can result in us needing someone else's help to cope. These challenges may be large or small, and sometimes we may need more assistance than our friends or family can provide. One form of such assistance is counselling. You do not need to be in a 'crisis' to access counselling. Many people just need some help with sorting-out, and dealing with, life's many challenges.

We encourage you to connect with Counselling Services Ext. 53244 if you require personal assistance. Appointments are available at the Counselling Services office on the 3rd floor of the University Center. There is no charge for the service.

Dr. Conlon is also available to help you in any way he can and to provide you with other resources or refer you to appropriate people either on or off campus, as needed. Over the past number of years, through Counselling Services, we have been able to provide a personal counsellor on site in OVC two nights a week. We know that this service has been helpful and we will continue to provide it.

OVC also provides counselling through OVC Peer Helpers. Please visit their site for more information.

A reminder that counselling in OVC operates under the same rules of strict confidentiality as Counselling Services. No one other than the counsellor is privy to which students are accessing the service, unless the student has given specific permission for this information to be revealed, or there are legal requirements to do so.