About the RM@G

The RM@G is a cross-disciplinary research network within the UofG. This network acts as a platform to promote collaborative work among UofG faculty members (19) conducting research within the emerging research areas of stem cells, tissue-engineering and regenerative medicine. RM@G combines forefront research with veterinary patient clinical care and pre-clinical animal models that can then be translated for use in human clinical care. The main goal of the RM@G is to further the development of novel therapeutics for conditions that presently lack sufficient treatment options in humans and companion animals. This will facilitate knowledge transfer to future regenerative medicine researchers, industry stakeholders and clinical stakeholders. An additional goal of the RM@G is to improve graduate student training environments, such as the creation of novel graduate programs and courses.

Collaboration Network


The RM@G will increase awareness for different collaborative opportunities between faculty members working in similar and different subfields of regenerative medicine. These collaborations will increase funding opportunities and enhance stakeholder interactions through framing individual faculty’s work in the context of a larger research network. This network will therefore heighten individual members’ research profiles and facilitate advancements in translational and regenerative medicine research.

Publications 2012 - 2016


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