Poster Presentations



The 2019 poster presentations are August 13th in the OVC Cafeteria.


Summer CORE Program students share project advancements and results with colleagues and the OVC community from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM in OVC. From noon until 1:00 pm there will be a BBQ for all summer students and their advisors.

Faculty, funding agency representatives and graduate students are invited to act as evaluators, reviewing the scientific and educational poster projects in a number of criteria including clarity, overall design, and the student's ability to present the information. If you would like to join the evaluation team please email Elizabeth Lowenger.

All Summer CORE Program participants and their advisors and funders are welcome to lunch. Please RSVP to Elizabeth Lowenger. Award presentation winners will be announced by email and in the OVC Bulletin.



Poster Presentation Days

As part of the Poster Presentation, you will be required to staff your poster for one two hour period on August 13th – either from 10:00 am – noon or 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

Staffing the poster means you will attend your poster and answer questions from faculty, students and staff who attend the session. You are not required to give an oral presentation, but be prepared to go through your poster.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have a preferred time, due to conflicts, no later than Friday, August 2nd at noon. The final schedule will be circulated by e-mail and loaded onto the CORE web site.

You are required to have your poster in place by 9:30 am for the first shift or 12:30 pm for the second shift on the 13th. The display boards will be assembled the morning of August 13th. The OVC community and any funding agency will be invited to view the posters on each session (conference style). Please ensure you remove your poster at the end of your presentation time.

Evaluation of Posters

Faculty and Graduate Student Evaluators will review posters and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

You will be reviewed in three categories as follows:

  • Visual appeal of poster (organisation, readability, quality of illustrations, impact of message)
  • Quality of science (Clarity of objectives/ hypotheses/ methods/ results/ conclusions)
  • Knowledge of content (Can you explain major problems and findings simply? Why is the problem important? How will this work be applied?)

Evaluators may also make suggestions for possible improvements while discussing your poster with you as part of the learning process.

Many thanks to our team of judges:



Guidelines for Creating Your Poster

A session to assist you in preparing and presenting your poster using PowerPoint will be scheduled.

The advisors of the program along with the evaluators are aware that not all projects will have conclusive results at this point in the summer. We are aware that many projects are ongoing. The idea is that you are able to discuss what you were working towards, include results if you have them and, if not, discuss what needs completing in order to attain results, projection of results where possible, etc. All this, any issues of confidentiality, and authorship of the poster should be discussed with your faculty advisor(s) or graduate student supervisor working on the project.

Note: Prizes are not awarded on the basis of results.

There are a number of research posters displayed around the OVC. Look around and see what catches your eye, which ones are clear and easy to read, coherent and graphically pleasing. Your advisor(s) can give you the appropriate additional advice on the creation of your posters, content and format appropriate to your specific projects. You might find the document "Effective Poster Design" from the University of Guelph TSS useful, and the University of Guelph Learning Commons has produced this How to Prepare a Poster guide. 

Size: Posters are not to exceed 36" (height) x 48" (width)

The cost of printing ONE unlaminated poster per Summer CORE Program participant is covered through the Summer CORE Program.

Every poster MUST include the following:

  • The correct version of the OVC Crest
  • Logos from ALL funding bodies and collaborating institutions that supported the project with a mention in the Acknowledgements section of the poster. You must not change the appearance of the logo except to adjust the size.
  • The following wording in the Acknowledgements section of the poster: "This poster was funded by the Summer Career Opportunities and Research Exploration Program at the Ontario Veterinary College" with the Summer CORE Program logo

We have created this template using the University of Guelph colours to use as a guide. You may change the colours of the poster and change the size and number of the columns, but please use the logos in the header as they appear. The University of Guelph logo and the Summer CORE Program logo must be in their original colours.

It is especially important that your advisor review the content you wish to include. Please review the information on the University of Guelph Graphic Standards webpage. If you have any other questions regarding poster creation, staff in the Learning Technologies Centre are happy to assist. Contact them at ext. 54778.

NB: You must ensure that your poster is ready for display by August 11th.

Submitting Posters For Printing

The cost of printing one copy of your poster without lamination will be covered by the Summer CORE Program for students who are in the program (this does not include MBS students). Inform the on-campus service you are using that the cost will be charged to the program coding and have them contact Elizabeth Lowenger by email at or by phone at extension 54430. Also, be certain that the version set to be printed is the final copy approved by your advisor(s) since the program will not pay for reprints. Be sure to ask that velcro tape be put on the back of your poster.

On-campus locations where you can get your poster printed:

If there are questions or concerns, please contact any of the Summer CORE Program Advisors.

Videos of previous Summer Program poster presentation winners:

Akash Jairaj - 2016 1st Place

Melanie Harness - 2015 1st Place

Aaron Percival - 2015 1st Place

Sangsoo Kim - 2014 1st Place

Chanel Schwarzentruber - 2014 1st Place

Chris Pinard - 2013 1st Place

Spencer MacDonald - 2013 1st Place

Kelsie Jagt - 2012 1st Place

Karen Schwindt - 2012 1st Place

Nadine Vogt - 2012 2nd Place