Oral Presentations

2019 Oral Presentations

In most of the careers open to graduates of DVM and BSc Programs, the ability to communicate clearly and present information succinctly will be a valuable skill.

As a student in a graduate program, you will be called upon to defend your thesis; in lab meetings you will need to update members of your team. In academia, presentation skills are critical for lecture situations and public talks, but also for Problem Based Learning (PBL) and small group exercises. As veterinarians, you will be called upon to articulate scientific and veterinary concepts to clients with varying backgrounds. In industry or research, rarely does one work in isolation, but more often in teams. Effective communication skills are infinitely important no matter what career path you choose.

Day of Presentations  
Presentations begin at 9:00 AM. Sessions will be held in room 1713 of the OVC Lifetime Learning Centre (Coffee & Tea provided).

The entire OVC Community is welcome and encouraged to attend. A complete schedule of presenters will be available to download closer to the date.

The Summer CORE Oral Presentations are a great way to kick start your academic leadership, sharpen your presentation skills and learn to prepare a scientific poster using PowerPoint along the way.

2019 Schedule:

Tuesday June 4

Wednesday June 5


Presentation Guidelines

The primary purpose of these oral presentations is for group participants to communicate their summer projects to one another in a professional yet informal atmosphere. As such, it is not necessary to provide all of the details relative to the project methods.

Ideally, the reason or rationale for the project should be presented, followed by the specific scientific objectives or hypotheses (if applicable), and enough description of the methods proposed that the audience are able to understand what is being done. Students should share what their role will be. Please be sure to consult with your faculty advisor(s) when putting together your presentation.

Each presentation should be limited to 4 minutes maximum, with a maximum of 3-4 PowerPoint slides of content in addition to a title and an acknowledgements slide (you must thank all funding sources in this slide). Students working on linked projects under the same advisor may give a joint presentation as long as each student presents for four minutes. You will be timed.

There will be a 2-minute question period for each presentation.

Because of the fast pace of presentations, students are required to load their PowerPoint presentation onto the OVC network the day before in order to enable smooth transitions from one talk to the next. See the instructions for doing so below.

Loading Your Presentation

Your presentation must be loaded onto the OVC network in one of our shared folders by 6:00 pm the day before your scheduled date. If you’re not sure which network drive you are able to access, check with your faculty advisor or another student in your group. The V drive is accessible from most OVC computers including those in the Learning Commons. If you cannot access the V drive please email the presentation to Elizabeth at lowenger@uoguelph.ca.

Saving your presentation to V:\Temporary\Summer CORE Oral Presentations

  • Open your presentation in PowerPoint
  • Click on File, then Save As.
  • File name: yourfirstname_lastname.
  • Save in: V:\
  • Open Folder named <Temporary>
  • Open Folder named Summer CORE Program Oral Presentations
  • Open Folder for your scheduled date
  • Click Save.

Remember to double check that the presentation has been saved.

Further questions regarding presentations or scheduling?
Contact Elizabeth by e-mail lowenger@uoguelph.ca or by telephone at ext. 54430.