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Progress in the Past Ten Years

Posted August 4, 2017

Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of attending the 10th annual ICCI 2017 Cancer Research Symposium. The event showcased a number of speakers from different academic backgrounds with varied research approaches and ideas. Many of the speakers had been a part of the first ICCI Cancer Research Symposium and so, in fitting with that, the theme of the day was progress made over the past ten years. It was inspiring to see the tremendous strides those investigators at the University of Guelph have accomplished in the field of cancer research.

Oral Presentations AKA what why me

Posted August 3, 2017

Four minutes isn't so bad, I think, but then I realize that these four minutes must be filled, somehow, with me in front of PhD candidates, post-docs, professors, veterinarians, peers, advisors, friends, colleagues--everyone, it seemed, who knew much, much more than me.  

CPHAZ Symposium

Posted August 3, 2017

As an aspiring veterinarian with a strong interest in the bridge between animal and human health, I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend the Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses Scientific Symposium back in May 23rd this year. From deepening my understanding of antimicrobial resistance to learning about a new tapeworm species in Ontario to realizing the importance of mental health in the veterinary profession, the presentations at the conference showed me just how vast, interwoven, and complex many of the emerging health concerns are for humans and animals.

ICCI Cancer Research Symposium

Posted August 3, 2017


What I learned at the ICCI Symposium

Posted August 3, 2017

    As a summer student, you are constantly surrounded by people who are more knowledgeable than you. These people have studied in their field for years and you, only a couple of weeks, so you find youself confused a lot. So I was pleasantly surprised by the ICCI research symposium.

Campbell Centre Animal Welfare Research Symposium 2017

Posted August 3, 2017

This May I had the opportunity to attend the annual Campbell Center Animal Welfare Research Symposium at the University of Guelph. It was interesting to see the variety of topics that were presented, everything from mental health of veterinarians to the spread of mosquito borne viruses in South America. I am continually impressed by the scope of the veterinary field and research that is done by veterinarians.

The Importance of Research on Animal Welfare

Posted August 3, 2017

At the beginning of my job here at the OVC, I got to attend a Symposium all about the research done to recognize and improve animal welfare. It was a great experience and I learned a lot of new things about different areas of the animal industry and how people are working to either raise awareness of the care and well-being of the animals, or working to change the rules and make it better themselves. The keynote speaker, Dr. Ed Pajor, spoke about all the drivers of change for the welfare of animals.

Promising changes for maintaining productivity and ensuring animal welfare- CCSAW 2017

Posted August 3, 2017

I recently attended the Annual CCSAW Research Symposium and what a great event it was to participate in. The presentations covered a diverse array of topics that targeted some very important welfare concerns seen today. I found myself specifically taking interest in the topics geared towards production animals as this captures my background and is applicable to my interests.

A look at how far we've come

Posted August 2, 2017

Hello everyone,

My name is Adrian and over the course of the CORE program I had the amazing privilege of attending the 10th annual ICCI cancer research symposium. A major theme of this symposium was a retrospective look into cancer research at the University of Guelph and OVC and how much we have learned in the past 10 years. The symposium was filled with some incredible presentations, covering topics from new techniques to identify sites in the lymphatic system that cancer may have spread, and enhance the use of oncolytic viruses.

From the farm to the clinic, the importance of animal welfare in the agriculture industry

Posted August 2, 2017

This past May I had the honour of attending the 10th annual Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare Research Symposium. The conference hosted several speakers covering a wide variety of species and pertinent welfare issues in fields ranging from veterinary medicine to agriculture. I don’t think it’s possible for me to pick just one presentation to speak about because I found so many of them interesting and applicable to the work I’m doing and hope to be able to do in the future, so I’ll discuss the highlights from a few of them!