Scientific Poster Making and Presentations - Caroline Budziak

As this program has given me the very first opportunity to write a research article, I knew that I would have a lot to learn.

Anyone could imagine that while sitting at home, writing your first article on your own would be paired with quite a few challenges.

It has been a slow process but has also brought on a whole new dimension to ‘independence’ for me that I am very proud of.

The thought of having to present my work to students and faculty, while not even being sure I was confident in it, scares me! However, Victoria from learning services was able to calm those nerves in me by offering a simple yet effective presentation on poster skills.

Breaking the concept of a poster down with ideas such as “Tell me about your research in 1 minute” and reminding me that quality is more important than quantity truly helped me realise the role of poster presentations.

Although I am not even close to finished writing my article, I am now confident that I can still present my research well and create a poster. I am excited to speak on the importance of my topic, and certain data findings that I find interesting.

This presentation was valuable for me and I am excited to have a chance to practice some communication skills this summer.