The role of a Scientific Editor at Nature Communications

On July 22, Fiona Carr, PhD talked about her job as a scientific editor at Nature Communications. 
Dr. Carr told us that she found writing and editing more appealing to her than doing research and data collection which is why she thinks being an editor at a journal is perfect for her preference. Now she reads research manuscripts and provides feedbacks for the researchers.  She also mentioned that people should at least have a PhD degree before being considered for a position like hers. 
As a researcher myself, I'm currently in the progress of having my research published. 
Although I'm used to planning and conducting experiments, doing data analyses, and writing up a research paper, I never even knew that there could be whole refreshing career opportunity on the other end!
Thanks to the OVC Summer CORE program, students like me get to explore different potential career paths from experienced DVMs in the field. I learned a lot from each presentation but this one was the most eye-opening one for me!
Zhenzhen Liu, MSc (Animal Behaviour and Welfare)BSc (Honours Biology)

Student Veterinarian, Class of 2023