Pathobiology Department Open House by Solenn Bellion

Via the Summer CORE program, we got the opportunity to learn more about the Pathobiology Department, which I actually knew very little about. The presentations by Dr. Peregrine, Dr. Barta, Dr. Caswell, Dr. Beeler-Marfisi and Dr. Bienzle were a great opportunity to learn more about the research that goes on in this department. It allowed me to seek other career paths that I could take after graduation and new fields of research I could explore. Horse asthma, for example, is a disease that I had heard of before, but I did not know the molecular specifics behind it nor the environmental causes. Being a horse owner, helping increase our understanding of the disease and how to cure and prevent it would be important for me. That is why I could definitely consider doing master’s degree in Pathobiology as a possible path after graduation. This Open House also made me realize that pathobiology is an important field, especially when it comes to enhancing productivity in agriculture for example, making a big impact on current food production issues.