Pathobiology Department Open House - Cara Aitchison

Through the Summer CORE program, I learned a lot in preparation for my poster through the Pathobiology Department Open House. I had been researching a lot about various pulmonary diseases in dogs and cats for my project, especially about pulmonary carcinomas. The open house was a great opportunity to learn about research investigating different aspects of pulmonary diseases. Dr. Caswell’s presentation about his research on bovine respiratory disease and the underlying pathogenesis of M. haemolytica and M. bovis was very interesting. I thought his research on ways to stimulate innate immunity in periods of disease risk as an alternative to antibiotics was an innovative response to the emerging limitations on antibiotic use in dairy and beef industries. This event was a great format for me to learn and further diversify my understanding of lung pathology, how it affects different species, and the applications of research in pathobiology to industry and everyday life. Over the summer and through my participation in CORE, I have gained new knowledge, experience, and research literacy that will help me as a student and throughout my career.