Ontario Small Ruminant Veterinary Conference - Megan Acheson

On June 18th I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Ontario Small Ruminant Veterinary Conference for the day. Most of the content from the conference was new to me, which allowed me to learn a lot from each speaker. One of the aspects that I really enjoyed was gaining a global perspective on many topics in the industry and comparing them to practices that I recognized as standard in Canada.  There were two examples really stuck with me. The first was the positive results found from introducing pain management in Australia for common procedures like mulesing and tail docking.  The second was the sizeable impact that eradicating Peste des petits ruminants would have on global food security and income for many farmers worldwide. Small ruminant medicine has always interested me and this conference gave me the opportunity to begin thinking more critically about things such as how to implement pain management techniques, how veterinarians can make a huge global impact using one health, and the importance of focusing on kid and lamb health.