Networking Session June 23 - Minh-Hanh Doan

On July 23rd , I had the opportunity to attend a networking event with various professionals who completed wither BSc at University of Guelph.

Though everyone in this session has completed a professional degree at some point, I.e. MD, PharmD, etc. It was very interesting to hear them talk about their path on getting there. For some of them, the path was very direct, with them going onto to professional school directly from undergraduate. For others, they have chosen an academia path which may involve an MSc or PhD degree prior.

Specifically, I thought it was interesting that many of their paths involved moving around the country as well as internationally. For instance, Dr. Hawkthorn, whom completed her BSc at Guelph mentioned that although she completed in Northern Ontario; she is now doing her residency training in Alberta. In another instance, Dr. van Galen talked about how he actually pursued dental school at NYU and is now practicing in small towns in Ontario.

Furthermore, it was also insightful to hear about their paths post-professional schools. I had previously thought that those who pursue a medical degree are limited to either a clinical setting or a mix of clinical and research setting. In addition, they tend to have demanding hours. However, the speakers demonstrated that this can range, once again, depending on your education and training post-grad. As a result, the impact of their work can also change.

I found this session extremely useful as someone who is looking to potentially pursue a professional degree in the near future. In addition, all speakers agreed that their education at the University of Guelph has highly sufficient for their post-grad pursuits. This gave me confidence and reassurance for my future endeavours. The speakers demonstrated to me how both your path to a professional degree and after can vary widely depending on your goals and interests.