The Global Veterinary Careers Summit - Yeelok To

On June 26, 2020, I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Global Veterinary Careers Summit. The day was filled with interesting lectures and workshops which taught us strategies on both personal and career growth. One session in particular stood out to me, which was hosted by Dr. Melanie Barham and Shawn Wilkie, CEO of Talkatoo. I learned about the rapid development and emergence of technology in the veterinary field, such as with the use of voice-activated technology. This type of software allows veterinary staff to input text with just their voices and requires minimal training. Although such technology may seem simple to us, it is invaluable in being able to save individuals from countless hours of typing up medical records. I am excited to learn about and experience the future of veterinary medicine in relation to innovative technologies, as I am confident that it will increase our workplace efficiency and overall job satisfaction.