The Global Veterinary Careers Summit -Laura Michalovic

Aquaculture, which is the farming of fish and other aquatic organisms, is a practice that has recently peaked my curiosity. Did you know that some Ontario farmers raise and produce shrimp? I didn’t until I tuned in to a virtual talk during The Global Veterinary Careers Summit, which just recently took place. I came to discover that aquaculture is quite the growing field in Ontario and that the most common commercially farmed fish here is rainbow trout. I also learned more about the crucial roles that veterinarians play in these farming operations. These roles include disease prevention, pathology/disease identification, disease treatment, and of course food safety. The speaker of this talk shared her recommendations on different avenues to pursue and organizations to join if we also shared an interest in aquaculture. Overall, this talk reinforced my interest in pursuing a career in agriculture and food safety, and also taught me about career opportunities in non-traditional medicine. I would like to thank the CORE program for providing me with the opportunity to virtually attend The Global Veterinary Careers Summit, expand my knowledge base, and network with future peers in the profession.   Laura Michalovic